Online Auctions

Welcome to our Online Auction service. We hope you enjoy this feature and can make good use of this tool. Please note that TERATERA Co. prefers to check the vehicles prior to purchasing but in the case that a person is not able to attend the particular auction a bid may still be able to be made if the vehicle description looks ok. We would suggest that in these cases you only bid on Grade 4 B and above to assure that the quality is ok. Also please note that all vehicles will be exported from Nagoya and prior to shipment all vehicles are inspected by an TERATERA staff member. If the vehicle was misrepresented by the auction then TERATERA will not ship the vehicle to our customer. Notification of such discrepancies will be immediate upon inspection. 
> Accessing the Auction Online gives you access to over 55 auction houses throughout Japan during the weekly auction schedule as well as wholesale stock listings. You will have access to all the data of the vehicles prior to the sale. If you would like to purchase any of the vehicles through this system please send email through this link. Remember that all bids must be received the day prior to the auction to successfully make a bid. TERATERA will contact you to confirm any order made. Example: For a bid for Friday’s Auction the bids must be received by no later than 6:00 PM local Japan time on Thursday.