We will send the vehicle(s) as soon as we have received confirmation of your payment by bank draft, or TT, and will inform you of the shipping
details by e-mail and / or fax at that time.

The company reserves its rights to the goods, until all dues from the customers have been paid. Although every effort is made to ensure that the goods have been supplied strictly to the specification, however, should there be any discrepancy the allowances will only be made at company’s discretion.

Storage charges applies to those vehicles that are stored at our yard for a prolonged period of time due to customer’s reasons. Up to 30 days Free
From 31 days to 60 days JPY10,000
Over 61 days JPY10,000 every 30 days

PCC/ROLL ON ROLL OFF [ driveable vehicles ]
The Pure Car Carriers basically load only vehicles which can run on their own power; although non-drivable vehicles may partly be
accepted as long as they are rolling.

*Only in the case between Japanese main ports and New Zealand main ports, a few shipping companies load non-rolling vehicles by
using forklift. In the case of forklift handling we have consulted with the shipping companies the best method of loading these vehicles.
While all care is taken, either party will not be responsible for any damage incurred.